• Why Do I need a Clinical Trial Assistant

    Why Do I need a Clinical Trial Assistant?

    Clinical trial assistants (CTA’s) usually work in administrative positions to assist with the process of a clinical trial. Clinical trials are research studies that determine whether or not a new medical treatment such as a drug or device, is both safe and effective for human use. These intricate studies are required by law and are […]

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  • Office design is evolving

    Office design is evolving: are you?

    When it comes to designing an office space there’s a lot more to consider than where the vending machine will go. Image Credit As reported in Forbes, factors such as office layout, arrangement and task-specific workstations all play a big part in how productive an office will be. As such, experts are constantly researching and […]

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  • SEO

    SEO: industry evolution continues in 2016

    Times are changing, which can only mean one thing: the folks over at Google have been tinkering with their algorithm again. Their bugbear this time? Out-of-date, static content. Image Credit Dropping off the first page You may be forgiven for thinking that this is not a big deal. After all, even the biggest websites update […]

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