• 5 reasons to use a commercial finance broker

    If you are business owner looking for funding, you will be aware of how difficult the market is at the moment. Although interest rates suggest funding should be cheaper, balance sheets which are still recovering work against many entrepreneurs. Image Credit While the government has encouraged lending in the mortgage market, the credit available to […]

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  • Four benefits of a hosted membership management system

    With UK productivity growth lower than that of other EU economies, it is vital today’s businesses do everything they can to boost productivity within their organisation. Improving customer satisfaction can help provide the boost needed, as can creating cost-efficiencies through the use of technology. Image Credit Hosted software services Hosted software services are one such […]

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  • In the company, good treatment and the customer should be a thing of all

    Fluoride: Fact Or Fiction?

    Fluoride is conventionally accepted as healthy. Fluoride is healthy. However, many groups and studies are now pointing to health risks associated with fluoride. Fluoride is unhealthy. It’s like so many other things. Media is forever feeding us contradicting information about our health. One day something will extend our lives, and the next day it will […]

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