• Customer loyalty how to benefit our web

    Customer loyalty how to benefit our web

    We do not realize and most active time we talk about recruitment, attraction, conversion … and let into the background almost everything that refers to the loyalty of our customers. One of the worst things that can happen to our site is that we manage transactions and that the relationship stays there without ever having any […]

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  • Data storage concept illustration

    Top Current Trends in Web Design

    Web design is changing is all the time; it’s as susceptible to trends as shoes and dresses. Web design trends don’t occur simply because of the style loved by web designers, they’re also the result of changes in technology, seo forecasts and the way businesses want to engage with customers, which constantly evolves. We take […]

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  • The-business-of-selling-Android-Applications-300x199

    The business of selling Android Applications

    Since the boom occurred in the sale of smartphones worldwide and from the positioning of Android as the operating system used on most mobile devices they have emerged as new and lucrative product development platform. Creating applications for Android has meant big business for many companies and independent programmers who have started to schedule them […]

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