Lessons from an in-house build

Lessons from an in-house build

For businesses that are thinking about building a new website, it helps to have insight into measures of success before contacting Essex web designers to begin the project. Let’s take a closer look.

Have clear objectives

Successful website builds have clear objectives and KPIs at the project initiation point. These are factored in by the developers to ensure that progress takes the right direction. A critical aspect here is a fundamental understanding of what the website is for; typically it’s to deliver an additional e-commerce sales channel, to capture customer data through sign-ups, or to allow customers to carry out an aspect of self-service such as booking onto an event. Some websites are also simply information portals as an alternative to print.

Be open to guidance

A good design agency will be able to provide strategic digital direction once they understand your own business strategy and objectives. The important thing is to listen to the expert guidance that you receive and be receptive to following recommendations. After all, you will be paying for the service!

Remember that content is king

When working with an agency such as https://www.enovate.co.uk, it is crucial to remember that the build is just the beginning; you will need to have an ongoing content strategy in place that includes regular authorship and social media strategies for building a strong followership. This links in closely to your search marketing strategy. You might wish to use a digital agency so that you end up with an integrated digital marketing strategy and clear resources and responsibilities for delivering it. For example, when an in-house resource isn’t available, an agency retainer can become a better value than carrying out work on a per-job quote basis.

Keep the customer in mind

It is easy for internal teams to become internal-facing and find solutions that please the sign-off group. However, unless that internal panel of staff accurately represents the end user, you will be in danger of failing in your endeavours. Always design with the end user in mind, not the internal customer.

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Don’t develop by committee

A website should not be steered by a committee of interested parties. Instead, it should be developed by a strictly defined group of experts in their respective fields.

What other advice would you give to businesses starting their first website build project?

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