• Worried About Your Business's Reputation These Tips Can Help!

    Increasing sales through Video marketing

    The human being is mainly audiovisual. The consumption of videos prevails over the rest of the content. You have to recognize it, laziness overcomes you at the time of reading; you prefer to sit comfortably to “see what they tell you”. For something YouTube is the second largest search engine, which has already exceeded the figure of 800 million […]

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  • Four popular website building tools

    Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the tools available and selecting the best options for your unique requirements is an essential part of building a successful website that reflects the core ethos and values of your business. Selecting the most appropriate website builder for your needs is crucial, so let’s look at some of the most […]

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  • What is a product backlog?

    With ‘traditional’ development strategies, it is often simple, even trivial, to work out who has responsibility for a product. With teams working on the same project over extended periods of time, simply following the ‘chain of command’ upward will get you to the key decision maker. Image Credit With Scrum-based developments, this isn’t always possible. […]

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