Why Great Photography Is Vital in Web Design2

Why Great Photography Is Vital in Web Design

Why do website users engage with and spend longer browsing some websites over others? One vital factor is website photography. Image Credit The Influence of Photography Photography is often subjective and susceptible to opinion. What someone might find visually interesting can leave another bored; there is often no correct answer. Firstly, consider the type of […]

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  • Are firms welcoming parental leave2

    Are firms welcoming parental leave?

    According to a recent report, many large companies are neglecting their duties regarding parental leave, leaving many employees uncertain about what, if any, rights they have. Image Credit The study by the Executive Coaching Consultancy (ECC) claims almost half of the Times’ Top 100 Graduate Employers List don’t publish their parental leave policies or pay […]

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  • Brexit Takes Its Toll on Property Market2

    Brexit Takes Its Toll on Property Market

    According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the property market in the UK is at its weakest since 2012. This appears to be mainly due to uncertainties linked to Brexit, which are causing both buyers and sellers to be more cautious when it comes to moving house. Image Credit Effects on House Prices House […]

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